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You are a business leader committed to growth. You need to develop, realign or transform. This can be at the level of your organization, of your team, or maybe it is about personal change.

We are a boutique consultancy specialized in Organization Management. Our raison d’être is to support transformation and growth by reconciling business and human needs. We believe this reconciliation is necessary to unleash the potential of your organization, and yours.

We help organizations, teams and leaders develop and transform. Specifically, we work on clarifying strategies, shaping organizational systems and empowering people. Our approach blends consulting, coaching and facilitation.


Zengo is the manifestation of an informed conviction, a healthy rebellion and a purposeful commitment.

An informed conviction
We believe that sustainable performance needs healthy human systems. We do not leave our humanity at home when we arrive in the workplace; it is the time to accept, integrate and leverage it so that employees and organizations work together to unleash sustainable performance.

A healthy rebellion
Knowledge is available to help individuals be happier, teams be stronger, and organizations be more successful. Still, people and organizations tend to function based on outdated practices. Their performance and harmony suffer from this.
Solutions exist. We are committed to exploring and disseminating them.

A purposeful commitment
We believe in the potential and power of organizations once their people are enabled and empowered to achieve results. We support organizations, teams and individuals in their journey for a fruitful and fulfilling life.

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