We combine coaching, advisory and facilitation services to diagnose systems, define objectives, design solutions, drive action.


We integrate practices in a customized approach to our clients’ needs. We address simultaneously the technical and human aspects of change, while leveraging collective intelligence and building capabilities.


to develop awareness, unleash potential, empower and act

We partner with our clients to help them learn and develop. We offer organizational coaching, team coaching and individual coaching. All three are informed by neuroscience, humanistic psychology and systems theory.


to guide and inform the development process

We contribute business expertise (strategy, organization design, business development), process expertise (change, project management), and people expertise (individual and group dynamics) to help solve your challenges.


to enable ideas to emerge and converge

Our ways of working are highly participative to tap into collective intelligence, create alignment and build capabilities. 


Our work encompasses complementary steps. This integrated approach creates a solid platform for sustainable performance.


From perceived problems to deeper needs

The diagnosis process highlights assets and issues and reveals deeper needs. It forms a solid base on which to establish priorities and build action plans.


from challenges to desired outcomes

Clear objectives are a must-have for people to engage and work together. We help you develop a vision, agree on a strategy and action plan, and set milestones to get there.


from objectives to tangible realities

Ambition needs structure to develop and sustain itself over time. We help you design or realign your inner and outer systems (as an organization, a team, a person), and define healthy practices accordingly.


from status quo to unleashed human potential

Organizations, teams and individuals are human systems. As such, they are both complex and wonderfully powerful. We help you unleash energy and channel motivation to empower action and enable performance.

a definition of coaching

Coaching a system (a person, a team, an organization) consists in supporting it so that it develops its own answers to the subject it is dealing with (results, challenges, actions, issues)

Michel Moral

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