Who we are

We believe in healthy human systems as a path toward healthy collective development.
Our mission is to help organizations, teams and individuals get there.


We believe in healthy human systems as a path toward healthy collective development.

Our mission is to help organizations, teams and individuals get there.

Our purpose is more than words. It is a strong driving force that has been and keeps guiding and energizing us.

With our work, we demonstrate the benefits of reconciling business and humanity and how it enables a virtuous circle of development for individuals, teams, organizations and broader society.


Our values, ways of working and conceptual foundations define how we do business and interact with others.
They guide our behaviors, decisions and actions.


core values

  • Consciousness_to raise awareness, broaden perspectives, open potential
  • Love_to care grow and empower with respect and confidence
  • Courage_to dare challenge the status quo and develop from within

ways of working

  • Structure with creativity_We use solid processes and tools. Yet creative flexibility is a central principle, to adapt to needs and capture opportunities.
  • Intensity with care_Our working style is challenging, to dare to explore the unknown, and respectful, to dare to live and grow with authenticity.

conceptual foundations

  • Systems theory_Looking at complexity in a holistic way allows for finding lasting and workable solutions. Tensions enable transformation and growth.
  • Humanistic psychology_ People are driven to self-actualize. Listening to our inner voices brings creative solutions to our challenges and limitations.


Gabrielle Ortais created zengo to pioneer a holistic way to manage inner developments.
For 15 years, Gabrielle led or advised complex growth or transformation initiatives in large multinational companies, across functions and geographies. Simultaneously, she dedicated herself to understanding deeply human beings, individually and in systems. With zengo, she reconciles her work and passion and pioneers a different way to managing inner developments. In parallel, Gabrielle is committed to developing an integrated model of Human Organization Management. 

Gabrielle works with a network of independant expert partners so that the best combination of expertise and experience can be made available to our client based on their real needs.

We are based in Switzerland and operate globally. 

Gabrielle Ortais
Gabrielle Ortais

coaching | advisory | facilitation

to summarize our work...

Zengo is a specialized provider of development services for organizations, teams and individuals, with a focus on strategic and human transformation.


We deliver coaching, advisory and facilitation services for our clients to create, grow and transform. We support them through diagnosing systems, defining objectives, designing solutions and driving action.


We work with clients at all levels and in a wide range of fields.
We are based in Switzerland and operate locally, globally and remotely.


We are recognized for the high impact of our work, our quality of service and our genuine care as we deliver it.

develop from within