We help organizations, teams and individuals develop from within in order to create, grow or transform.


Our clients trust us to support them in the following areas:

You want to build something new

  • Creating a new business
  • Developing a new venture
  • Advancing to the next stage in your business’ life cycle
  • Creating a high-performing team
  • Transitioning to a new role
  • Re-shaping your life

You are undertaking change

  • Redefining a strategy
  • Redesigning an organizational model
  • Transitioning a business’ ownership to the next generation
  • Supporting teams in the context of change
  • Developing leadership or emotional intelligence
  • Going through a life transition

You are confronting challenges

  • Performance is unsatisfactory
  • Change is not happening
  • Accountability or motivation is low
  • Performance and well-being are not well-balanced
  • Burnout need to be prevented and healed
  • Leadership and interpersonal dynamics need improvement


We work with human beings as they face a crossroads – in Switzerland, globally and remotely. 


We work with diverse organizations, from SMEs to multinationals to NGOs, and operate in a range of sectors, ranging from health to financial services and including recruitment, construction, education.

teams or groups

Our clients include management teams, functional teams, project teams, working groups and families from a variety of functions and geographies.


We work with individuals at all levels. Many are business leaders with diverse seniority and nationalities. Most bring their private self and look for personal growth in authenticity, love, risk, exploration and much more.



Gabrielle a la capacité à amener des sujets de discussion vers ses interlocuteurs de façon claire, élégante et productive. Aussi sa fine compréhension de notre business, de ses nuances et ses enjeux ont été une surprise très positive pour nous tous.

Ses considérations ont toujours été amené avec bienveillance et, en même temps, de façon directe et productive. En résumé, parmi ses talents il y a, à mon avis, la sensibilité, l’écoute active, la rapidité, le pragmatisme.

Managing Director, recruitment services, Switzerland

Gabrielle a su inclure tout le monde et naviguer entre les divers groupes (meetings avec toute l’entreprise vs meetings individuels vs meeting familial). Ceci a permis de comprendre tous les aspects de la situation actuelle et de définir la meilleure pour l’entreprise.

Development Manager, construction services, Switzerland

Un GRAND merci pour votre email et les documents stratégiques. Je me permets de vous dire que j’ai rarement vu des documents d’une aussi grande qualité, tant pour le fond que la forme. Je vous en félicite.

Le plaisir de la collaboration est partagé, de plus nous avançons bien !

Managing Director, financial services, Switzerland


“ Gabrielle provided the right level of guidance and insight to allow us to explore who we are as people and leaders. Really impressed by her level of intuition and perception. She fostered exceptional group coaching sessions.

team coaching for leadership development, pharmaceutical company, global team

“ Excellent coach who used her skill to create a safe space and was not afraid to challenge us to make sure we went below the waterline towards the bottom of our icebergs…and so found revelation of our real issues.”

“ Gabrielle was excellent. She encouraged a safe environment for the team to explore very difficult subjects in a non-judgmental and supportive way”

team coaching for leadership development, pharmaceutical company, global team


 She dig deep down to the root of the problem which could help me understand myself in clearer light.

AB, Thai, Vice President, Banking

 I experienced Gabrielle always open to hear me, deeply listening for what was behind that which I was expressing on the surface. The coaching would challenge my thinking, make me explore new things and try out different points of view. It was pleasant without exception, while being intense and challenging at the same time.

I particularly enjoyed her courage to push my limits and open new perspectives to me. She encourages to be more of myself and for me to get to know myself better. She brought tools to the table that helped me understand the situations. She takes a holistic approach, which makes it easier for me to bring business and private into one single existence and see the connections between the two personas that I have within me.

RH, Columbian, Communications Manager

“ The sessions have been simply amazing – do not know how to say thank you for all the input or better mentoring! I really appreciate it and will stay in touch…

DK, German, Global Commercial Director, investment services

develop from within